laura prepon oitnb season 2 netflix 'Orange Is the New Black' Season 2: Laura Prepon now to return for four episodesReady for some good news, Alex Vause fans?

Following reports that Laura Prepon would barely have a presence in Season 2 of Netflix hit “Orange Is the New Black,” appearing in just one episode to give her storyline some sort of closure, it turns out she’ll be in four episodes of the 13, Buzzfeed reports.

The report notes that Prepon is set to begin filming in New York this week, while in the midst of currently negotiation her Season 3 status, which could lead to even more Alex Vause in the future.

When Prepon took the role of Alex, the manipulative criminal ex-girlfriend of Piper (Taylor Schilling), she didn’t agree to a contract that extended beyond Season 1, though much of the season hinged on the triangle between the two characters and Jason Biggs‘ Larry.

Season 2 began filming in July, which raises the question of how exactly Prepon will be incorporated to a show that had to find a way to move on with her. Time will only tell.

“Orange Is the New Black” returns to Netflix in 2014.

Are you glad Prepon will be returning for four episodes? Or is it still not enough?

Posted by:Billy Nilles