oregon mall shooting Oregon mall shooting: Jacob Tyler Roberts identified as shooter

The person behind Dec. 11’s Oregon mall shooting has now been identified. Jacob Tyler Roberts, 22, was the gunman who fatally shot two people in the Clackamas Town Center shooting and then committed suicide several minutes later.

Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts revealed Roberts’ identity during a press conference. He claims that there is no known connection between the shooter and the mall, and says that authorities have not yet identified the reason behind Roberts’ attack.

“At this time we do not understand the motive of this attack except to say there is no apparent relationship between the suspect and his victims,” Roberts said.

A portion of the shootout was captured on the Clackamas Town Center mall security cameras. Robert can be heard saying, “I am the shooter,” before opening fire on the Christmas shoppers there. He was wearing a white hockey mask and a load-bearing vest, and was shooting at people with a stolen semi-automatic AR-15 rifle. 

The incident occurred at around 3:30 p.m. near the mall’s food court. Two people died by Roberts’ hand before he killed himself.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz