Has Orlando Bloom finally found a seat-filler for former longtime squeeze Kate Bosworth?

The hot Hollywood rumor is that Orlando will bring his new Australian squeeze, model/actress Miranda Kerr, to the Global Green pre-Oscar party at the Avalon on Wednesday night.

Could bringing her have anything to do with that B-name right underneath Orly’s on the host committee list? Click HERE to see the official par-tay announcement. With your ex on a party committee list, who wouldn’t want to show up with a sexy new flame?

Since Kate and Orly broke up, he’s reportedly been into his Buddhist faith and doing work for Global Green. And he’s definitely been MIA from the L.A. club scene after that nasty car accident injuring two of his passengers last October.

He wasn’t charged with a DUI because, according to the DA’s report, he was merely "dazed" and took "evasive action" after "being pursued by 4 vehicles containing paparazzi and one containing fans."

Anyway, everything’s coming up roses and lollipops for him now. According to the Daily Mail, Orly recently spent a very romantic evening in London with his young brunette babe.   

Hey, she’s a Victoria’s Secret model, guys!

Keep reading and enjoy! Orlando definitely is.


Wow. I’d say Miranda’s got Kate Bosworth’s adorable dimples and then some!

Photos: WireImage

Additional reporting: Sal Morgan

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead