Whaaa? Orlando Bloom was at Cedars-Sinai’s emergency room early this morning?

And he was reportedly comforting a friend who suffered a reportedly minor neck injury in a car wreck that occured when the "Pirates" star was driving his Porsche home from a Hollywood club?

CLICK HERE FOR the statement his rep released about the incident. 

But darn, if only I’d known! I only live a few blocks away and I could have deftly sliced open my thumb and hightailed to Cedars for medical treatment and maybe bumped into him.

Just kidding.  I used to think Orlo was hot back when he had long blond hair and could fire like seven arrows in seven seconds and  bring down a stampeding Orc. But that now he’s dating Jessica Simpson and lurking around Hollywood clubs wearing a bizarre Gandalf hood over his head, well, the elven magic is gone.

Click here to see the video of Bloom walking away from the crash. Ouch.

Photo Credits: Looks like the Bloom is off the rose..

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead