Ari Millen as Mark on Orphan Black.
Say hello to the newest threat to “Orphan Black”: the Project Castor clones. Genetic brothers Mark, Seth, Rudy and Miller are all played by Ari Millen, and although their intentions have yet to be revealed, it’s apparent that they are no friends to Tatiana Maslany’s clones. 

The addition of male clones is an entertaining curveball, but it does cause one serious conundrum for viewers: It’s super hard to figure out which clone is which. For Alison, Helena, Cosima and Sarah, their looks and divergent personalities are clear-cut. But for the male clones, viewers have to pay much more attention to their mannerisms and small hair differences if they want to stay in the loop. 

“I guess for me, this season, the biggest challenge of creating Castor boys was finding what made them their own person,” Millen tells Zap2it. “I think, to a certain extent, they like to express themselves with their hair … I mean that’s a pretty easy visual clue. But what were the little mannerisms or speech things? That was my goal this year… to find those little things.”
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Because the Castor clones are quite hard to tell apart, with the help of Millen, Zap2it has come up with a breakdown to aid viewers when they’re trying to figure out which clone they’re looking at. Take a peek below to find out more about the male clones’ looks, personalities and motivations.

1. Mark

Ari Millen as Mark on Orphan Black.

The basics: Viewers met Mark back in Season 2, and it wasn’t revealed until the final episode that he’s a clone. When fans last saw the former loyal follower of the Proletheans, he ran away from the ranch with his new love, Gracie.
His hair: Mark’s gelled swirl is always perfectly shaped.
His clothing: He’s almost always wearing a collared shirt that’s buttoned all the way up.
Millen’s thoughts: “We know Mark, going forward into Season 3, he’s just eloped with Gracie. He’s looking for a simpler life … He’s been with the Proletheans, he’s fallen in love, he’s rejected the Proletheans, he’s rejected Project Castor. He just wants to go away and be left alone and just have a simple life. Obviously, his brothers are not going to make it easy for him.”

2. Rudy

Ari Millen as Rudy on Orphan Black.

The basics: Rudy, aka Scarface, is a loose cannon. He’s a trained master fighter and, based on the room he’s locked up in, he’s more than dangerous.
His hair: Check out that sick mohawk.
His clothing: So far, his style can’t be pinned down. However, he does have one defining feature: that scar on his face.
Millen’s thoughts: “Rudy, from what we’ve seen of him, he looks a little crazy. What’s great about him for me is that obviously, each one of the clones, I have a little bit of myself in them. And Rudy’s a real outlet for me because I think I’m more of a shy person, more reserved. [Through him] I get to live out certain things that I would never do in real life because I would be too in my head and judgmental. He’s a real outlet. The situations they put him in are pretty exciting.”

3. Seth

Ari Millen as Seth on Orphan Black.

The basics: Not much is known about Seth. His first introduction was in a Season 3 trailer, which showed him with a devilish grin on his face. According to “Orphan Black,” Seth isn’t “the sharpest clone in the pack.”
His hair: Now that’s a mustache.
His clothing: By the looks of the promo images, Seth wears everything from a buttoned-up shirt to a hoodie and jacket. He adapts to the situation at hand.
Millen’s thoughts: “He’s just a dopey, little guy.”

4. Miller

Ari Millen as Miller on Orphan Black.

The basics: Miller is a disciplined soldier who is committed to climbing the ranks. Viewers first saw him when he was seen taking Helena away to some unknown destination.
His hair: Every piece of hair is in line thanks to his rigid military upbringing.
His clothing: Considering he’s always wearing a uniform, you’ll know him when you see him. Also, he has a prosthetic leg.
Millen’s thoughts: “He is the best soldier he can be. Where everyone at this camp is kind of just schlubby, it’s always important for him to be in uniform. His boots are always shined, he’s got the military corners on his bed, it’s all made.”

“Orphan Black” Season 3 premieres on Saturday, April 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on BBC America.

Additional reporting by Jean Bentley

Posted by:Casey Rackham