Let the “Oprhan Black” theories roll in.

On Wednesday (Oct. 8), BBC America’s clone series tweeted a picture of Tatiana Maslany’s seat at the first table read for Season 3 of the show. In the picture, a sign reads “Tatiana Maslany: Sarah/Alison/Cosima/Helena.” One big clone name missing from the sign? Rachel Duncan.

The question to ask is: Does this mean Rachel is officially dead? At the end of Season 2, Cosima rammed a pencil into Rachel’s eye socket, causing viewers to wonder whether the dominatrix-slash-evil clone is dead or not. And although the photo could most definitely mean that she’s finally met her match, considering the fact that Helena managed to survive a gruesome wound at the end of Season 1, it only makes sense that the same could happen to Rachel.

Of course, the counter-argument to the idea that Rachel is gone for good is that maybe the table read is just for the first episode, and that she just isn’t in the premiere. (She could always magically reappear later in the season, as could Tony — the transgender clone — whose name is also absent from the photo.) Or the photo could just mean that the show is sneakily trying to hide Rachel’s fate from fans.

What do you think? Is Rachel dead? Is Tony ever coming back? Will Felix continue to be attracted to Tony/his foster sister? Will the clones ever find peace?

Posted by:Casey Rackham