orphan black season 2 episode 2 donnie alison 'Orphan Black' Season 2, episode 2 'Governed By Sound Reason and True Religion' recapKira is safe! That’s the main takeaway for Sarah from “Orphan Black” Season 2, episode 2, “Governed By Sound Reason and True Religion.” We found out exactly what happened after Kira was taken from Mrs. S’s home in the Season 1 finale — and we learned a lot more about the religious Proletheans in the process.

Kira called Felix from a hotel room phone, prompting Art (newly on Sarah’s side) and Sarah to chase after her. A trail of clothes led Sarah to a car, where she was blindfolded and taken to a mysterious rural location. But the creepy dude who took her there wasn’t a bad guy — he was working for Mrs. S, who had taken Kira to the Canadian safe house where she first took Sarah when they moved from the U.K. so many years ago.

But the safe house wasn’t that safe — the Birdwatchers, who were a part of the underground railroad network that helped sneak Sarah out of the U.K., had turned Prolethean. Mrs. S had set up a trip to London — “where this all started” — for herself, while Sarah and Felix stayed in Canada, but that never came to pass as the Birdwatchers tried to prevent Sarah and Kira from running away. Mrs. S stopped them from catching Sarah and Kira, and while she’d pretended she’d never heard of Project LEDA to Sarah, she admitted to one of the Birdwatchers that Sarah was from the project.

Felix, Sarah and Kira took off, but how long can Sarah stay away from her pseudo-sisters?

Meanwhile, Alison realized she was wrong about her monitor and, after reading some of Donnie’s text messages, suspected her husband again. The only person Alison could confide in about the whole situation was Felix, whom she confided in (and confessed to sort-of-but-not-really killing Aynsley). She even set up a sting to catch Donnie in the act of observing her — and did — but it seems like she might actually believe his claims that he was just worried.

Real talk: These Prolethean people are TERRIFYING. Everyone should be afraid — especially since they’re totally cool with putting a nail gun through Tomas’ head. (Isn’t he, like, the ultimate Prolethean?) Also, a commune with happy people caring for each other is nice in theory, but incredibly creepy in practice. They do have Helena, though, so hopefully they’ve stocked up on the Jell-O.

Science-wise, we learned that the clones’ biology can be very different than regular human biology. For example, the reason Helena lived is because her heart is on the other side of her body. Her internal organs are a mirror — completely reversed, a condition that sometimes occurs with identical twins.

Cosima got her own lab at the Dyad, but what will Dr. Leekie expect from her in return?

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