orphan black season 2 episode 3 sarah felix 'Orphan Black' Season 2, episode 3 recap: 'Mingling Its Own Nature With It'

What was the most exciting part of “Orphan Black” Season 2, episode 3, “Mingling Its Own Nature With It” — that we finally met Kira’s (hot) dad, that we met another clone (and she was just as fully fleshed out as any of the others, though we only saw her in video diary flashbacks), or that Helena is now a married lady?!

Let’s start with Kira, by way of Sarah and Felix: The trio embarked on a road trip (seemingly with no particular destination in mind), and ended up in a cabin out in some farmland. They used some creative techniques to stay off the grid (i.e. Kira as a distraction so Felix could steal some food), but their plan seemed to backfire when the owner of the cabin came home and flipped out on Felix.

But it turns out that Sarah knew the owner — he was one of her past marks, and was super mad she came back — especially when she revealed that he was Kira’s dad. But sexy, bearded Cal seemed to very quickly forgive Sarah when he realized he now had a daughter.

All things considered, he handled all of what happened very well — especially when Rachel’s henchman came and grabbed Kira, causing Sarah to sacrifice herself and get kidnapped instead, leaving Cal with Kira, the daughter he’d just met the day before.

Felix wasn’t there at that point, because he realized Sarah and Cal had some major issues to work out, and headed back to Toronto (sorry, unnamed major metropolitan area) to support Alison at the opening of her musical. You’d think Felix’s presence would’ve calmed Alison, but instead she got hammered and fell off the stage. Oops! Another juicy scandal for suburbia.

Alison also had a major moment when Art’s partner, Deangelis, posed as a neighboring soccer mom, causing Alison to suspect she was a new monitor. But Alison has a backbone now, and confronted her, leading Deangelis to confess she’s actually a cop and Alison to tell her to stay the heck away.

Cosima and Delphine had a new project to work on over at the Dyad Institute: autopsying the body of Jennifer Fitzsimmons, a fellow clone who’d died of unidentified lung polyps three days prior. We met Jennifer via video diaries, but even though she’s gone hopefully we’ll see some more of her. Cosima and Delphine discovered the polyps were even bigger in her uterus, leading them to believe that maybe that’s where her disease originated.

Meanwhile, Helena (our favorite “Shakira-haired lookalike, as Deangelis called her) was hanging out at the Prolethean compound, where everyone there viewed her as an animal/curiosity.

Helena didn’t really balk at the idea of Tomas being gone, but she wasn’t really into what happened at the very end of the episode: The Prolethean leader held a super creepy bonding ceremony with her. Is she now his bride?! And are they essentially going to try to inseminate her like a farm animal!? What is even happening anymore?

Posted by:Jean Bentley