orphan black season 2 episode 4 governed as it were by chance mrs s 'Orphan Black' Season 2, episode 4 'Governed As It Were By Chance' recap

Episode 4 of “Orphan Black’s” second season was a bit of an info dump: We learned a lot more about Project LEDA, the people in Sarah’s photo, and how Rachel relates to the rest of the clones. Plus, Sarah’s hot baby daddy continued to be tall and bearded and gorgeous, with the added bonus of immediately taking care of the little girl he just found out was his daughter, no questions asked.

We picked up as Cal dragged Sarah away from the car with Rachel’s henchman dude, as Sarah begrudgingly told Cal a little bit about why he was after her (nothing about the clones, just some info about the Dyad Institute). He reunited Sarah and Kira, then rigged some mysterious wifi that worked in the middle of the wilderness so Sarah could video chat with Cosima.

Sarah and Felix went back to Mrs. S’s place to investigate things, and realized that the people from the picture were two geneticists who died in an explosion — Susan and Ethan Duncan. Were they Rachel’s parents? While Sarah left to sneak into Rachel’s apartment and find out more about her past, we learned that someone was hiding and listening to Felix and Sarah talk.

It looked like the Prolethean daughter suffocated Helena with a pillow, but that sneaky biyotch was pretending to be dead so she could sneak up on the girl and actually suffocate (and kill) her. Art was surveying the compound and saw Helena run away, and managed to stop the Proletheans from going after her.

That was good timing, because as Sarah was tied up in Rachel’s apartment about to be gutted by the henchman dude — he sliced her ear open — someone came to the door. Sarah watched in horror as a fight happened in the other room, unable to see anything, until finally one of the fighters came into the screen — it was the henchman, covered in blood and about to die. Then his assailant appeared: a bloody wedding-dress-clad Helena, who reunited with the terrified sister who thought she was dead. What will the clones do now that Helena is alive? And will Helena hurt Sarah?

Meanwhile, Alison woke up in a clinical-looking room (hospital, maybe?) and immediately barfed — still wearing her costume from the musical, but her arm in a sling. She thought she was at the Dyad, but it turns out she’s actually in rehab. She had agreed to go — but didn’t even remember agreeing to it. She called Felix to get her out, but he told her it would do her good. She tried to have Donnie get her out too, but he threatened to leave with the kids if she didn’t get clean.

Mrs. S met up with a scary dude at a club, who turned out to be an old flame — in fact, it was Carlton, the man who snuck Sarah into Canada (and was later jailed for human trafficking).

Oh! And the creepy Proletheans appear to have inseminated one of Helena’s eggs. What does it all mean?!

Posted by:Jean Bentley