orphan black season 2 cast poster spoilers 'Orphan Black' Season 2 spoilers: BBC America releases first four episode descriptionsBBC America has been keeping all new information about “Orphan Black” Season 2 close to the vest. Can you blame them? Part of the magic of the addictive clone drama is gasping at each unexpected twist. But now the channel has released descriptions for the first four episodes of the new season.

No, you’re not going to learn very much from each logline — they’re vague enough not to contain too many details — but we could glean a few tidbits of information from each one. Can you find more?

“Orphan Black” airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on BBC America. Here are the first four episode descriptions:

Episode 1: ‘Nature Under Constraint and Vexed’

Saturday, April 19

In the season premiere, Sarah is out of options, on the run, and pursued by deadly adversaries. Desperate to find her daughter Kira, Sarah suspects ruthless pro-clone Rachel is behind her daughter’s disappearance and sparks an all out war against her. Alison and Donnie attend the funeral of her fallen friend, Aynsley, causing Alison to sink into guilt and despair.  Cosima is faced with a perplexing decision that may have dire consequences. 

Episode 2: ‘Governed By Sound Reason and True Religion’

Saturday, April 26

While Alison struggles with Aynsley’s death and Cosima grapples with the worsening symptoms of her mysterious sickness, Sarah enlists Art’s help to find Kira and is shocked when she learns where the trail leads. 

Episode 3: ‘Mingling Its Own Nature With It’

Saturday, May 3

After hitting the road with Felix, Sarah is forced to turn to a ghost from her past — an old flame named Cal Morison. When their brief respite is brutally shattered, Sarah realizes that no matter how far she runs, it will never be far enough. 

Episode 4: ‘Governed as It Were by Chance’

Saturday, May 10

Sarah comes home to look for answers. With Cosima’s help, she digs into the origins of the clone experiment. The hunt takes her right into the belly of the beast, but getting out again could cost her more than she knows.

And here’s what we learned:

1. Sarah does not find Kira right away. She’s still hunting for her daughter in episode 2 (and possibly beyond).

2. Art might be on Sarah’s side. At least when it comes to helping her find her daughter

3. The new guy, Cal Morrison, is from Sarah’s past. He’s described as an “old flame” with whom she finds “brief respite.” Could he be Kira’s father?

4. Cosima will still be digging into the science behind the clone experiment. She’s still on the case, though “faced with a perplexing decision that may have dire consequences.”

5. Alison is still reeling from Aynsley’s death. Which she kind of caused.

6. Sarah is on the run. But she’ll come back to help her pseudo-sisters by episode 4.

Posted by:Jean Bentley