“Orphan Black” has released its first full Season 2 trailer and it’s kind of amazing. With fighting, mystery, romance and even a bald (dead?) clone, the new season looks to be everything fans could want.

The conflict between Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) and corporate pro-clone Rachel looks to be at the center of the action, with Sarah trying to rescue her daughter, Kira, and to keep her own freedom. In addition to this, you’ve got a sick Cosima, an angry (of course) Alison, Hot Paul possibly going over to the Dark Side and Felix being his normal, loving self.

Science rears its disturbing head as well. A brief image of a file mentions a “Project LEDA” — could that be name of the clone experiment (and is it named after the mythological Leda, impregnated with two sets of twins by Zeus?)? And then there’s that bald, dead-looking clone. Creepy doesn’t even begin to cover it.

With no one to trust, how will Sarah survive? The answers will begin to come Saturday, April 19 at 9 p.m. on BBC America.

Posted by:Laurel Brown