orphan black season 3 new characters justin chatwin ksenia solo james frain Your guide to 'Orphan Black' Season 3's new characters“Orphan Black” is not only introducing an entire line of male clones, played by Ari Millen, in the new year, it has also added a whole slew of new actors in key roles for Season 3.

BBC America announced that Justin Chatwin, James Frain, Ksenia Solo, Kyra Harper and Earl Pastko will all join the cast in recurring and guest star roles. “Orphan Black” Season 3 has already begun shooting in Toronto and is set to premiere in 2015. Here’s a quick rundown of the new faces.

Jason Kellerman, played by Justin Chatwin

Chatwin will recur as Jason, “a savvy drug dealer in the guise of a charismatic businessman” who also happens to have “rugged good looks and street smarts.”

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Ferdinand, played by James Frain

Frain will guest star as Ferdinand, a well-educated, charming, intimidating “cleaner” who is also “a powerful player in a secretive, multi-national political faction that operates with questionable ethics and a ruthless approach.”

Shay, played by Ksenia Solo

“Lost Girl” star Solo will play Shay, a “soulful and compassionate holistic healer with a great sense of humor” who befriends Cosima.

Dr. Coady, played by Kyra Harper

Harper plays this “ruthless” doctor who is an advisor to the military. She is “outwardly the soul of reason, but her maternal, nurturing manner conceals an agenda that even her superiors do not suspect.”

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Bulldog, played by Earl Pastko

Bulldog is the silent, imposing and violent” personal bodyguard to Frain’s Ferdinand. He does the dirty work for his shady employers, communicating with his boss just by simple looks.

In terms of pure speculation, it appears that Chatwin’s Jason could have a spark with Tatiana Maslany’s Sarah — a ruggedly handsome, street-smart guy with a slightly shady job sounds kind of like her dream man — while Solo’s Shay sounds like she’s Cosima’s kind of girl. Meanwhile, you don’t usually toss around words like “secretive” and “ruthless” as character descriptions unless said characters are baddies, so it looks like Dr. Coady, Ferdinand and his Bulldog will turn out to be pretty evil. Again, speculation only, but it sounds about right.

Of course, “Orphan Black” is always surprising. The show will return to BBC America in 2015.

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