In cutest viral video ever news: An orphaned pony in Devon County, England is sleeping with teddy bears since he has no mom to cuddle with at night. The little foal, who has been named Breeze, was taken in by the Mare and Foal Sanctuary after a farmer discovered the pony with no mare. Breeze had “been seen trying to suckle from a number of mares” before he was brought in.
A staffer at the sanctuary says little Breeze started out rather “sickly” since he wasn’t getting the natural antibiotics and nutrients from his mother’s milk. The group asked the public to donate teddy bears for Breeze, saying “It’s sort of a replacement of his mom, just that he’d cuddle.”
Since giving Breeze a home and some teddy bears to kiss and cuddle, sanctuary staffers say he is looking much healthier, and they are hoping for a speedy recovery. Because, really … who doesn’t feel better when cuddling a teddy bear? If you’re not suffering from cuteness overload after watching the video, here’s a picture of Breeze kissing one of his teddy bears that is sure to finish the job:
breeze orphan foal kisses teddy bear Orphaned pony cuddles teddy bears in sweetest viral video ever
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