osama bin laden getty 500 Osama Bin Laden dead: Photo of body unlikely to be seen on U.S. television

When President Barack Obama addressed the nation late on Sunday night to announce the death of Al Quaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, he confirmed that the U.S. “took custody of [Bin Laden’s] body.” Special Operations forces confirmed through forensic and DNA testing that the body in custody was in fact that of the man the U.S. has hunted for nearly a decade.

We can expect photos to be taken of the body and, in all likelihood, released to the media in some form before the body is buried by Monday afternoon in accordance with Muslim law. FOX News reports that the photo has already been shown on television in Pakistan, where Bin Laden was found in a mansion on a compound.

While the release of photos is expected if only to silence skeptics, the likelihood of any such photograph being shown on American television without significant censoring or blurring is very slim. Bin Laden’s body is described as being in “gruesome” condition, as can be expected as his cause of death was at least one shot to the head. 

[UPDATE] A photo has been leaked that is said to depict the body of Bin Laden; authenticity has not been confirmed. Zap2it will not be posting said photo.   

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie