star trek zachary quinto chris pine 320 Oscar snubs: 'Star Trek,' '(500) Days of Summer' don't boldly go to Best Picture fieldThe Oscar nominations Tuesday morning (Feb. 2) didn’t yield many surprises, but the few major snubs had fans and critics gnashing their teeth.

“Star Trek” – Did the Academy learn nothing from its egregious omission of “The Dark Knight” last year? The fact that the Best Picture field was expanded to 10 films and included another sci fi film, “District 9,” makes “Star Trek’s” snub that much more painful. The clever and entertaining reboot of the popular franchise was crafted well. It deserved better than its handful of technical nominations.

“(500) Days of Summer” – The feel-good indie film that could was nowhere to be found, but should have been a contender in the best picture and original screenplay categories at least. Joseph Gordon-Levitt also deserved recognition for his acting, but we’re not trying to be greedy.

“This Is It” – The Michael Jackson film wasn’t eligible for the documentary category, but it was for best picture.

“Ponyo” – Arguably one of Hayao Miyazaki’s best films (which is saying a lot), this somehow got dropped from the best animated feature category and the mysterious “The Secret of the Kells” usurped its spot.

Only a few surprises came from the best picture field. “The Blind Side” and “District 9” in particular got reactions when nominated.

Definitely Maggie Gyllenhaal’s supporting actress nomination for “Crazy Heart” seemed to come out of nowhere, but was well deserved.

What made your snubs and surprises list?

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