Sandra-Bullock-wins-Oscar.jpgYou know the pun is coming…so brace yourself. Yes, Sandra Bullock seemed blindsided by her Best Actress win.

The actress, 45, had claimed right up until the red carpet Sunday (March 7) night that she knew she wouldn’t win, so when her name was called, she definitely looked a bit dumbfounded (or maybe that was just Oscar-worthy acting?).

After all, she won the Golden Globe, the Critics Choice, the SAG Award. Need we go on?

Her speech included nods to all her fellow Best Actress nominees. She told “Precious” star Gabourey Sidibe, “You are exquisite,” and “Julia & Julia’s” Meryl Streep (who was considered Bullock’s biggest competition), “You are such a good kisser.”

Bullock thanked the moms “who take care of their children and their babies no matter where they come from.” Then she teared up when thanking her own mom, who she says got her to where she is today — at which point she looked to her husband, Jesse James (who was visibly moved by his wife’s speech).

But it was “my lover, Meryl Streep” who got the last shout out from Bullock. That must have been one good kiss….

A previous version had referred to the “lovely” (not “lover”) Meryl Streep. The correction has been made.

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