daphne zuniga oscars 2011 gi Oscars 2011: Daphne Zuniga hits the red carpet. Sure, why not?Somewhere along the way from “Melrose Place” to “One Tree Hill,” TV actress Daphne Zuniga found herself on the red carpet for the Academy Awards. You know, the ones that reward the best in film.

She wasn’t the only TV actress there, but “Cougar Town’s” Busy Philipps has been best friends with best actress nominee Michelle Williams since back in their “Dawson’s Creek” days. So that one we understand.

We’re guessing that Zuniga is connected to someone who does belong at the Oscars. And she gets bonus points for looking lovely. We’d hate for word to get around that an unsavory TV element had creeped in.

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Posted by:Brill Bundy