franco apatow funnyordie Oscars 2011: James Franco, Judd Apatow talk hosting strategies on Funny or DieSo maybe James Franco hasn’t been preparing for the Oscars as efficiently as we thought.

In a new clip on Funny or Die, Franco meets up with Judd Apatow via Skype to ask the Producers Guild Awards host for some advice.

“How do I host the Oscars?” Franco asks point blank. “Is there a class I can take? I’m at Yale right now, so is there a class that I could take on hosting?”

“I mean, I’d have to look through the syllabus and see,” Apatow considers. “But I doubt it.”

He then suggests Franco take advantage of Hollywood’s obsession with, well, that thing that made “Black Swan” and “Blue Valentine” famous. Even if you haven’t seen the films… you know what we’re talking about.

Franco has a better idea though, suggesting that he recycle Apatow’s jokes from the Jan. 22 PGA’s because, “Nobody watches the Producers Guild Awards.”

“And then people will see your jokes. Because it’s the Oscars,” Franco explains in an attempt to comfort Apatow. “Otherwise nobody’s gonna see your stuff.”

The whole video is hilarious, though semi-NSFW. We’ve posted it below for your enjoyment.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci