russell brand mikaela Oscars 2011: Russell Brand, America's Next Top Model?You know how every season — pardon, cycle — there’s at least one girl in the “America’s Next Top Model” house who’s looks are really, really in touch with her masculine side?

This time around it’s Mikaela a 21-year-old theater student from Boca Raton. And after Sunday (Feb. 27) night’s Oscars we’re going to have a hard time watching her without thinking about “Get Him to the Greek.”

As a friend of Zap2it points out, she has more than a passing resemblance to Russell Brand: The jaw. The cheekbones. The heavy eyebrows. The greasy hair.

We’re pretty sure if he got some make-up and learned how to smize, Russell might be able to take the title himself.

Mikaela has a prettier mouth though.

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Posted by:Brill Bundy