bridesmaids oscars gi Oscars 2012: 'Bridesmaids' cast get dirty presenting the short film Academy AwardsIt took a while for the 84th Academy Awards to hit their stride, but once Emma Stone hit the stage the pace picked up. Continuing that hilarious rhythm were, in Kristen Wiig‘s words, the “six beautiful — some say handsome — women” from the “Bridesmaids” cast who hit the Oscars stage to present the short film awards.

Wiig and Maya Rudolph got things off to a dirty start as they presented the narrative short film award. “I hate to tell you guys this but size sometimes does matter,” they began, and things went downhill from there. 
For example: Wiig would rather have a “short film with some heft that’s nice to me rather than a long film that just lies there and makes you do all the work.” Don’t we all, Kristen. Don’t we all. 
Best Supporting Actress nominee Melissa McCarthy and costar Rose Byrne kept things going as they gave a seemingly heartfelt speech about the documentary shorts, but were interrupted to continue the Martin Scorsese drinking game they began at the Golden Globes, pulling nips of vodka from their cleavage and downing shots when someone yelled “Scorsese!” from the audience.
Maybe the “Bridesmaids” should’ve hosted instead…
Posted by:Jean Bentley