sheila pharrell getty Oscars 2012: Sheila E and Pharrell Williams bring a little funkThe Academy Awards have long been saddled by a reputation as a stodgy and conservative award show. But it appears they might be making just a small move to get with the times.

The Oscars used famed drummer Sheila E and singer/producer Pharrell Williams to play the award show into and out commercials. This is a marked difference from past years where the Oscars use the house orchestra to politely play into the ads.

Williams also collaborated with famed composer Hans Zimmer on a number of pieces for the award show. He tells MTV News that he was excited about the prospect and playing for a different audience, “It’s like some of us love music and art that blindsides, comes out of nowhere with a crazy impact.”

We’d like to see more of it.

Posted by:David Eckstein