Steven-Spielberg.jpgSteven Spielberg had a good morning when the Academy Award nominations were announced. Good, but not great. Yes, “War Horse” and “The Help,”  were nominated for best picture, but his baby “The Adventures of Tintin” was left off the list and he was snubbed for Best Director. First world problems, no?

Spielberg reacted to what he did get nominated for by releasing a statement. “I
am thrilled with our multiple nominations for “The Help” and “War
Horse.”  It is the first time that I have experienced two Best Picture
nominations in the same year.  One is a high honor.  Two is humbling but
very exciting.  It is a tribute to all those who joined with Stacey
Snider and our DreamWorks Studios team to develop and make these two
films with stories that we passionately felt we had to make.”

The three time Oscar-winner directed and produced “War Horse” and his studio, Dreamworks put out “The Help.” His gracious statement shows what a good sport he is. Also, he’s likely to be nominated approximately a zillion more times in his career. So, what did you think of the nominations list? Did the Academy miss the mark?

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