halle berry oscars 325 gi Oscars 2013: Ex James Bond girl Halle Berry celebrates 50 years of 007

Halle Berry is the only Oscar-winning actress yet to have been a “Bond girl,” so her role at the 85th Academy Awards was highly appropriate.
If only there had been more to what she introduced.
Berry actually won her award for “Monster’s Ball” while she was filming “Die Another Day” in 2002, and she led Sunday’s (Feb. 24) tribute to the 50th anniversary of the James Bond movie franchise — advertised for days by ABC as one of the major highlights of the ceremony.
First up was the expected montage of action clips representing all of the actors who have played Agent 007 “officially,” backed by a medley of familiar Bond melodies — capped by arguably the series’ biggest music hit, “Goldfinger,” belted live by its original crooner, Dame Shirley Bassey (who also sang “Diamonds Are Forever” and “Moonraker” for the series).
And then … a commercial break? And more awards? That’s all the Bond there was at the Oscars?
Actually, we know there will be at least a little more as this is being written, since Adele will give the first live performance of the nominated title song from “Skyfall.” But if that’s really all the Bond there is after such a build-up, and rumors of the Bond actors being united on stage, rather strange. And pretty disappointing.
If there’s more 007 at the Oscars, we’ll be back with it …
Posted by:Jay Bobbin