If there is a video equivalent of photo-bombing, that’s what Jack Nicholson did to Jennifer Lawrence after the 85th Academy Awards. The brand-new winner of a Best Actress Oscar for “The Silver Linings Playbook” was talking to George Stephanopoulos of “Good Morning America” when the hilarious incident occurred.

“GMA” aired the interview on the Monday morning (Feb. 25) after the Oscar telecast and thereby gave the world a bit of celebrity glory.

While Lawrence is as charming as she always seems to be throughout the video, things get particularly good when Nicholson wanders past at around the 35-second mark. Her reaction proves something important about Hollywood stars: They don’t all know each other, and they’re as geeky as the rest of us when approached by an idol.

Obviously, Jennifer Lawrence has never before met Jack Nicholson.

The actress could be legitimately irritated at Nicholson’s “Yeah, you’re being really rude” interruption, but she is way too excited to care about things like that. Even when the actor sneaks back up behind her, Lawrence’s reaction remains nothing but giddy pleasure at the experience.

A main result of this fun little interview clip is making Jennifer Lawrence even more lovely than she already was. After all, how can you hate a woman whose reaction to Nicholson’s presence is a normal and sweet “Oh my God! I love all of your movies!”?

You can’t. The “Oscar bump” with Anne Hathaway (who follows Lawrence in the interview chair) wasn’t so bad either.

And thus Jennifer Lawrence wins again.

Posted by:Laurel Brown