A video went viral Thursday’s (Jan. 1) Sugar Bowl featuring the Ohio State Buckeyes besting the Alabama Crimson Tide. Strangely enough, it’s not a video of a spectacular play or celebration, but rather an Ohio State University fan being weird.
In the quick clip, a woman scratched the back of a man’s head before quickly pulling her hand away and looking incredibly guilty or afraid. Many assumed perhaps she’d been caught on live TV being affectionate with someone other than her boyfriend. No one wants to be seen publicly caressing their “sidepiece.”
Thanks to Gawker, the world now knows that doesn’t seem to be the case. Someone points them to a Facebook posting revealing the couple in question are, in fact, dating. So why is she wearing such a conflicted look on her face? There’s any number of reasons why her feelings quickly change in the moment. Zap2it has come up with a few.
1. She realizes he has lice
Honestly, who wouldn’t be creeped out by that? Now she has to worry about having lice, which is a burden he put on her shoulders. He should be ashamed of himself.
2. It’s at that moment she decides to dump him
If it doesn’t feel like true love when your favorite team is winning the Sugar Bowl, will it ever? This should be a happy moment in her life, but now all she can think about is the painful talk they need to have later in the evening.
3. He smells weird
Notice the way she quickly swipes her fingers under her nose after breaking contact? She may be confirming that he smells funny and she doesn’t want to touch that.
4. She found a growth
Maybe she doesn’t run her hands over the back of his neck often and was surprised to find a lump or mole there waiting for her.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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