nestor carbonell lost s6 320 Our weekly live 'Lost' chat kicks off February 2We’re going to try an experiment on the “Lost” blog from now on. It could be a successful experiment, or it could be like the one that led to The Incident. I don’t really know, so make sure you’re not near anything metal as we kick off a series of weekly live chats here on the blog.
Here’s a basic gist: Every Tuesday night, I’ll be hosting a chat starting 90 minutes before the newest episode of “Lost” airs. This upcoming Tuesday, Feb. 2, I’ll start things off at 7:30 pm ET. I know how hard it’s been waiting for Season 6 to start, and I know those last few hours will have you jumping out of your skin with excitement. So let’s all channel our collective energy into the chat. We’ll have polls, make some predictions, ooh and aah at the “Lost” preview special airing at 8 p.m., and generally have some fun leading up to game time. Once the curtain rises on the show, the curtain will fall on the chat so we can have our brains exploded by what we see on our televisions.
Now, for the potential “Incident”-esque aspects to this experiment. As many of you know, four minutes of footage got leaked online and spread faster than the gas that killed everyone during The Purge. I’m not here to condemn or condone what other people do on other sites, or even what people do on other parts of Zap2it. This is my little “Lost” fiefdom, and my relationship with the rest of the site is not unlike Baby’s relationship with Johnny Castle through most of “Dirty Dancing”: I have my dance space, and they have theirs. To wish away spoilers is silly: there’s a huge market for them, and they aren’t going away anytime soon.
However, I am optimistically (some would say naively) hopeful that the spoiler fanatics either stay away from the chat or keep their spoilers to themselves during it. The chat’s meant as a celebration of “Lost” and its fans, not as a venue for people seeking to place the spotlight upon themselves rather than the show. I can tell you that these chats are moderated, meaning I approve every comment that passes through. So, in the worst case, I get a heaping helping of spoilers shoved into my eyeballs just before game time. And as someone who got a truly awesome e-mail halfway through “The Variable” asking me had I gotten to the part yet where Daniel gets killed by his mother, let me tell ya that I don’t look forward to this possible scenario.
After all, I’m above all a fan. You might perceive me as something else, but that’s how I see myself. I’m in the incredibly lucky position to have a venue for my opinions, and even luckier to have people that are interested in engaging with them. That back-and-forth has led to the strong, convivial, vital community we have today. If these chats end up ruining that at all, I’ll yank them.
But I hope it doesn’t come to that. I’m hoping these add, rather than subtract, to the quality. In short? I hope these chats don’t spoil what we have going on here right now. (See what I did there. I know. Clever.)
Hope to see you here Tuesday!

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Posted by:Ryan McGee