nicki minaj out magazine Out cover girl Nicki Minaj, the sort of accidental gay icon

A year ago, rapper Nicki Minaj wasn’t even a blip on the pop radar. Now she has stars like Kanye West predicting she’ll be the biggest name in the genre, just shy of Eminem.

What makes her sudden success even more surprising is the very un-hip-hop manner in which she addresses sexuality. And apparently it all started with good, old-fashioned girl power.

“I started making it my business to say things that would empower women,
like, ‘Where my bad bi***es at?’ to let them know, ‘I’m here for you,'”Minaj tells Out, whose October cover she graces. “Then, when I started going to the shows and it was nothing
but girls, it was like, ‘Did I go too far with embracing my girls? Because now they want to kiss and hug me.'”

But if she did go too far, it’s not bothering her now. Her racy lyrics, Lady Gaga-esque costumes and unusual alter egos — including a gay man named Roman Zolanski — have earned her a huge gay following.

]]>Lil Wayne. “Normally, Wayne probably wouldn’t have gay guys coming to see his shows much,” she says, “but they’re definitely a big part of my movement, and I hope they’d still come out and see me. I think that will be really, really interesting, just to start bridging that gap. We’ll see.” Follow Zap2it and MikeyLikesTV on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. Photo credit: Out

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell