Caitriona Balfe stars in Outlander on StarzDiana Gabaldon doesn’t want to hear her diehard fans griping about changes between her novels and the “Outlander” Season 1 finale.

In a Facebook post written in advance of Saturday’s (May 30) episode, Gabaldon reiterates how much she enjoys Starz’s adaptation of “Outlander.” But she is warning viewers that there will be some deviations from the source material in the finale, and book readers will enjoy it more if they don’t expect every page to be brought to life exactly.
“Put. The. Book. Down,” Gabaldon writes. “Really, I mean it. If you watch this part with the book in your hand, expecting this, that, and the other thing … you _will_ be disappointed, I guarantee it.
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“I’ve seen a fair number of people worrying aloud about, ‘But HOW are they going to get everything from the book into just one more episode?'” she continues. “Well, look, guys, be logical. You _know_ the answer to that. They can’t. Ergo, it’s _not_ going to be just like the book. Abandon the notion that it should be, is my advice.”

One big scene missing is Claire and Jamie’s hot spring sex, which Gabaldon says showrunner Ron Moore considered filming but ultimately couldn’t. She also admits that there were some decisions with the finale she wasn’t a fan of — though of course she’s not telling what they are. Still, she begs fans to just watch the show as the show and they’ll be much happier.

“If you can put the book down (don’t worry; you can go back to it and everything you love will still be there) and watch the ending on its own merits … you’ll be uplifted, emotionally filled and charged with the thrill of having seen a _lot_ of people doing wonderful, difficult, thrilling, heart-rending, amazing Stuff,” Gabaldon writes.

“Outlander’s” Season 1 finale airs Saturday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Starz.

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Posted by:Terri Schwartz