jimmy smitts outlaw hiatus 'Outlaw' goes on production hiatus, oddsmakers favor Katy Perry for 'Glee'You want TV snacks? You can’t handle TV snacks! …No, you totally can. Here they are:

This courtroom is out of… business? (Hey-oh!) At least that’s the most likely assumption given NBC’s decision to put “Outlaw” production on hiatus due to languishing ratings. This doesn’t mean the legal drama is technically “canceled,” but barring some secret nationwide plan to start watching the series on the fourth episode, it’s basically a death sentence. [HR]

Now that “Glee’s” Britney Spears episode is fading in the rear-view, folks are wondering which artist will be next to get the full treatment from the series. And if oddsmakers are to be believed, Katy Perry is the most likely. The singer tops Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Mariah Carey and David Bowie in a poll — leading us to wonder if they chose the proper episode to question the existence of god. [Bookmaker]

Tom Fontana and Barry Levinson are developing a cop drama for FOX called “Chameleon,” which is being described as “a modern-day Don Quixote tale.” The duo previously held the esteemed honor of helming “Homicide” and “Oz” as executive producers, but their most recent collaboration was NBC’s “The Philanthropist.” Things can only go up from there, boys! [Variety]

For every cancellation, there is the inevitable plea from rabid, niche fans for the network in question to ignore their quest to not hemorrhage money by keeping said show afloat. This week: ABC Family’s “Huge,” which despite getting told it would not receive a second season, already has a petition to save it that’s amassed a whopping… 7,852 signatures. [Jezebel]

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