Pablo Schreiber acts in a scene from Orange In The Black Season 2

Potential spoilers for “Orange Is The New Black” Season 3 are included in this article. Read on at your own risk.

“Orange Is The New Black” fans have already mourned the fact Pablo Schreiber’s love-to-hate character George “Pornstache” Mendez would not be a part of the recently released third season back in July of 2014 when Schreiber confirmed his absence to the NY Post

The actor said then he was focusing his energies on a new HBO comedy “The Brink,” in which he is a series regular alongside Tim Robbins and Jack Black. 
So it is certainly a shock and exciting surprise to see the actor and character make an appearance on “OITNB” Season 3 in an episode entitled “A Tittin’ and a Hairin’.” Mendez unfortunately has shed his signature pornstache, but is still sporting a fierce mullet when his mom, played by Mary Steenburgen, pays him a jailhouse visit. 
The only thing greater than seeing the character pop up when it seemed like all hope was lost, is that he gives a subtle shoutout to “The Brink” during his chat with mom. 
“I remind her of other star-crossed lovers through history who have overcome great obstacles,” Mendez says of his letters to Daya (Dascha Polanco) who he still believes is carrying his love child. “Romeo and Juliet, Lolita and the old guy, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins.” 
Schreiber’s presence will definitely make a lot of fans happy. As for the actor and character’s future on the show, at the Winter 2015 press tour promoting “The Brink” he remained positive on coming back to the series. 
“Obviously for her [“OITNB” creator Jenji Kohan] to give me the gift of that role was immense. I hope that I can continue in that role,” he told Zap2it and a handful of reporters. “I hope that that role will stay alive.”
As far as his Season 3 appearance, for now Schreiber is playing coy with the fans on Twitter as of Friday (June 12). 

“Orange Is The New Black” Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins