padfoot adoption Padfoot the dog from 'Harry Potter' too famous for adoption right now

Back when this story first broke, we said that one of our big dreams in life is to own a performing dog. Apparently, we are not alone.

Berry, the lovable German Shepherd who played Padfoot in the “Harry Potter” series, was put up for adoption by his owner who became too busy to care for the pup. The Internet caught on and Berry’s search for a home went viral. However, Berry’s popularity may eventually be his undoing.

According to TMZ, a rep for the UK German Shepherd shelter where Berry is residing claims that they won’t give Berry away until the Harry Potter hype dies down, lest someone try and cash in on the dog’s fame. The shelter is “busy home checking lots of new people…and then will decide if one of them is good enough.”

Sometimes you just can’t win. Big star like Berry can’t get a home cause he’s TOO popular. Can’t Daniel Radcliffe just swoop in and fix all of this with a quick adoption? 

Posted by:janderson