padma lakshmi fitness top chef weight gain Padma Lakshmi gains two dress sizes every 'Top Chef' season

Padma Lakshmi might always have a great figure, but she really has to work for it. With 11 seasons of “Top Chef” under her belt — literally — she’s had to come up with a solution for the weight she gains by sampling contestants’ food.

According to Lakshmi’s cover story on Fitness, she gains about two dress sizes by the end of every season of “Top Chef.” Then she has to really commit to dropping the pounds again, especially as she gets older.

“I follow a clean diet: no meats, no sweets, no alcohol, no cheese, no fried food, no wheat,” she says. “And I work out five days a week, boxing three days, lifting weights the other two.”

But as a lover of food, Lakshmi doesn’t kill herself to be the right size. As she says, she believes in moderation to find the balance in her life.

“I love food way too much to starve myself just to look good. I will put in the work at the gym so I can enjoy what I eat,” she says. “I never say, ‘No, I can’t have any of that.’ I have it and enjoy it! After I finish this [Fitness] photo shoot, I’m going out for pizza, and I’m literally going to take down a whole large pie by myself.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz