Zap2it had a moment to speak with “The Walking Dead’s” Jon Bernthal, who plays Shane Walsh, at Friday’s (March 4) PaleyFest.
His character is embroiled in a love triangle between Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the fans have differing opinions on how much they should hold Shane responsible for his actions.

“I think what’s cool is I think a lot of people have different views,” Benthal tells Zap2it. “There’s the people that hate him. There’s the people that kind of empathize with him, they sort of get where he’s coming from. You know, I think it’s a real testament to [executive producer Frank Darabont]. I think he took this character from the comics that was pretty much one note and there to serve a certain purpose and he’s just totally opened this guy up and made him a really rich character.”
“There’s no one that’s all good or all bad,” he adds. “These people will constantly be failing and constantly redeeming themselves. I think that’s a testament to the world we’re trying to create, you know.”
Season 2 is currently being written, but Bernthal tells us what he thinks his character will be facing when the show returns in October.
“He’s an incredibly lonely guy right now,” he says. “And not lonely, because he’s far away from the people that he loves. He’s lonely, because he’s with the people that he loves. He can’t be with them the way he wants to be with them. And I think that puts Shane, it’s essentially a really, really dangerous situation. And I think you’re going to see the best of him and the worst of him.”
We also talked about how his love for the cast and how ready he is to return to Atlanta this summer to begin shooting.
Watch our entire chat below:

Where do you fall on the Shane approval scale?

Note: Callies’ name has been corrected.
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