palindrome day Palindrome Day: Once in 10,000 years, so we hope you enjoyed itThe day is drawing to a close, so we hope you made the most of it — yes, ladies and gentlemen, today was Palindrome Day. Does that sound made-up to you? Well, it’s not.

Technically, in the U.S., today’s date is written as 11/02/2011.. which is a palindrome, in that it reads the same way forwards and backwards, if you don’t count the forward slashes. Though it doesn’t seem like a big deal, apparently it is — Eight-digit Palindrome Day won’t come along again for another 10,000 years.

“I know both 11-1-11 (which can also be interpreted as 1-11-11) and
11-11-11 dates to occur this month are very interesting dates as well
since they won’t repeat again until the next century, but 11022011 won’t
happen again in ALL four-digit years!!” writes Professor Aziz Inan of Electrical Engineering at the University of Portland in an email to the Los Angeles Times.

He also created the above image, of himself, to illustrate the number patterns.

We hope you celebrated accordingly.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie