If you want to see Pamela Anderson, clad in a golden bikini and being splashed with creamer, on your TV, you better hope you don’t live in Great Britain.

An ad starring the former “Baywatch” babe was banned for being sexist and degrading to women. The country’s Advertising Standards Authority said, in a ruling, that it received four complaints the the commercial for Dreamscape Networks was offensive.

In the spot, a male executive has a daydream featuring Anderson and another model in their swimwear, dancing and being slathered in the cream. “Because of that, we considered the ad was likely to cause serious offense to some viewers on the basis that it was sexist and degrading to women,” the ADA says, adding that the commercial gives the impression the women are “sexual objects to be lusted after.”

The Web-hosting firm being advertised in the commercial defends the use of Anderson in the ad, saying the spot doesn’t degrade women because the “comical” and “over-the-top” fantasy sequence was limited to one executive’s imagination.

Watch the commercial above and judge for yourself: Is it degrading to women?

Posted by:Billy Nilles