pan am nov6 abc 'Pan Am': Finally flying rightFinally, the episode of “Pan Am” we’ve been waiting for.

Sunday’s (Nov. 6) version of the period drama delivered on all the potential the pilot hinted at. The show offered tension, intrigue and romance and even social commentary.

[Warning: Actual spoiler alert.]

Kate’s (Kelli Garner) spy work takes a complicated twist when the Feds implement their strategy to turn her Yugoslavian boyfriend, Nico Lanza (Goran Visnjic), into a double agent. First the CIA breaks in on the couple, putting Lanza in handcuffs and dragging him away. Kate is mightily miffed because this wasn’t part of the plan or at least the plan she was told. When she’s finally able to talk to Lanza in the interrogation room, he’s understandably upset and wonders if everything he knows of her is a lie. The Feds give Lanza two difficult options about what to do next. Kate pleads with him to make the right decision.

In a subplot, Laura (Margot Robbie) comes face to face with the issue of racial intolerance. It begins when she falls for a African-American Navy man played by Gaius Charles. The two hit it off, but Laura starts to have second thoughts because of societal pressures. This matter gets worse when they encounter prejudice out on the streets of New York. But in the end, things go just as the two hope.

Sunday’s episode of “Pan Am” hit all the right notes. It was dramatic when it needed to be. It was sensitive when it needed to be. It was thought provoking when it needed to be. It even offered a little bit of well-timed humor. If future shows continue this way, “Pan Am” may have clear skies ahead.

Posted by:David Eckstein