pan am haiti 'Pan Am': Karine Vanasse says show is over, ABC disagreesIt appears that there’s a bit of confusion about the future of “Pan Am.” Is it grounded or isn’t it?

Karine Vanasse, who plays Colette on the period drama, Tweeted on Tuesday (Nov. 29) that the series is doomed. “Well, we received THE call, #PanAm is only coming back for one more episode after Christmas. But up to the end, we’ll give it our all!” she writes.

However ABC offered a decidedly different tone regarding the series saying, “We are not cancelling Pan Am, it’s a contender for next season and that will be announced at the May upfronts.”

The program, which follows the lives of four airline stewardesses, has been plagued by low viewership. Its most recent new episode drew at paltry 5.7 million viewers while.

The truth is that networks never formally announce when a show’s been canceled. They simply say things like “It’s under consideration” or “It’s on hiatus.” So interpret this news as you choose.

Would viewers even want to watch it if it returned next season?

Posted by:David Eckstein