paranormal activity 3 'Paranormal 4' release date set   prepare for a brand new scareThe ‘Paranormal Activity’ films have been big successes and believe it or not, we’re already on number 4. The first film grossed $193.4 million, the second nabbed $177.6 million and the third opened with a horror movie record. It was made for $5 million dollars and grossed almost $53 million the first weekend. So far, it’s almost hit $203.1 million! Now that is a good scare!

People have flocked to the theaters around Halloween to check out the films, dropping money and screaming their heads off. According to Deadline, “Paranormal 4” will follow the tradition and open right around the horror holiday. Paramount will release the film wide on October 19th.

Dimension’s “Halloween 3D” has already grabbed the October 26th slot, but this gives us another week of horror before the big day. Are you guys excited for this one? Are you over the franchise? We’d love to hear what you think.

Posted by:jbusch