'Parenthood': Asperger's, unplanned pregnancy, hospital waiting rooms and other joysNow that “Friday Night Lights” has finished its run – at least on DirecTV – “Parenthood” has quickly taken its place as the show that makes us cry every single time we watch it. Tuesday’s Season 2 finale was no exception.

In fact, only one word had been spoken in the entire episode — “Hello?” — before we were bawling. “Parenthood” is one of the NBC bubble shows, meaning it’s not guaranteed a Season 3 pickup but it’s not a write-off, either, and we’ve got our fingers crossed for more.

Thankfully, we were left without any particularly devastating cliffhangers this week. While Amber’s car accident certainly rocked the Bravermans’ world, she’ll be okay — though her buddy Gary will be charged with a well-deserved DUI. Sarah’s first play went smoothly (thanks to some not-so-little white lies from the director) and Jasmine showed a chink in her armor when she finally stopped by to see Crosby’s new house. Max demonstrated a new understanding of how his Asperger’s impacts the way he relates to the world.

Next season — if there is a next season — it’s baby, baby, baby. Just as Adam lost his job, Christina announced that she was pregnant. He might’ve been a little more unhappy about the situation, except that it means his daughter isn’t the one who is knocked up, so he’s more optimistic than Christina expected. Meanwhile, Joel and Julia have made the decision to adopt a new child, so that process will likely feature heavily next year.

If there is a next year.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie