parenthood bubble keep 'Parenthood,' 'Beauty and the Beast,' 'Happy Endings': Bubble shows you want backIt would appear that the People’s Choice Award for “Beauty and the Beast” earlier this year was not a fluke in terms of fan support.

The CW series not only drew the highest number of votes of any poll in this year’s Bubble Watch, but it also got the largest percentage of “keep” votes. More than three-fourths of 7,918 voters on Zap2it say they want the show to return for 2013-14.

NBC’s “Parenthood” was the only other show to score more than 70 percent support, and is one of three NBC bubble shows you’d like to see come back next season. (Three others from NBC weren’t so fortunate; go here to see shows that didn’t make your cut.)

The closest call among the keepers was ABC’s “Nashville,” which got a little more than 52 percent of yes votes. Zap2it readers would like to see “Community” and “Happy Endings” back too, but not in overwhelming numbers.

Here’s the breakdown of bubble shows you want to stay on the air:

Landslide winners

“Beauty and the Beast”: 7,918 votes. Keep: 6,034 (76.21 percent). Kill: 1,884 (23.79 percent).

“Parenthood”: 1,850 votes. Keep: 1,324 (71.57 percent). Kill: 526 (28.43 percent).

Please come back!

“Go On”: 1,831 votes. Keep: 1,155 (63.08 percent). Kill: 676 (36.92 percent).

“Nikita”: 6,299 votes. Keep: 3,841 (60.98 percent). Kill: 2,458 (39.02 percent).

Sure, why not?

“Community”: 1,799 votes. Keep: 1,027 (57.09 percent). Kill: 772 (42.91 percent).

“Happy Endings”: 3,847 votes. Keep: 2,186 (56.82 percent). Kill: 1,661 (43.18 percent).

“Nashville”: 4,639 votes. Keep: 2,435 (52.49 percent). Kill: 2,204 (47.51 percent).

Already renewed

CBS picked up “The Good Wife” and “The Mentalist” a day after we posted the polls for the two shows, so voting closed early. Based on your votes, that was the right call.

“The Mentalist”: 2,574 votes. Keep: 1,950 (75.76 percent). Kill: 624 (24.24 percent).

“The Good Wife”: 2,435 votes. Keep: 1,628 (66.86 percent). Kill: 807 (33.14 percent).

Thanks for your participation. Are you happy with these results?

Posted by:Rick Porter