lauren graham parenthood 320 'Parenthood': Braverman new worldOn “Parenthood,” Sarah rips a page out of Lorelei Gilmore’s playbook and starts accidentally hitting on her daughter’s teacher. Note to writers: We’ve seen this before.

Additionally, the entire family is stunned that Amber got an A in English. They are less stunned when it turns out Amber copied an old paper of Sarah’s. The good news is that the need to tell the teacher the truth gives Sarah another chance to flirt with el professor. When he compliments the paper and then offers to write a letter of recommendation for Amber, Sarah decides to let the truth go by the wayside. She also lets slip the name of the bar she works at. He shows up later to report that Amber told him about the paper and submitted her own. Flirting ensues.

In this week’s controlling-lawyer-mom episode, Julia can’t stand that her daughter has to play maid to a bossy friend who wants to be the princess. So she buys her daughter a tiara and pushes her to take the throne. But then there is a playground coup and little Sydney ends up dethroned and in tears. Julia’s husband, whose name I don’t actually know, which clearly says something, kidnaps Julia from her office for some light breaking and entering with a side of trespass. They go swimming, because this family does a lot of bonding in and around swimming pools.

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