mae whitman parenthood 320 'Parenthood': Crushed by a crushOops, Sarah is falling for Mr. Cyr. She can’t help it — he likes her so much it makes her like herself. Plus, making out is fun, and he seems to be good at it. He even sends her flowers at work! He makes romantic Faulkner references! This is all good for Sarah, but way bad for Amber, who has an even larger crush on Mr. Cyr that is not helped by the Sarah-related extra attention he pays her. Adam discerns Amber’s mega-crush and warns Sarah, but she doesn’t believe it. So, she tells Amber what’s going on, and her daughter is crushed. It drives her back into the arms of the loathsome Damian.

Haddie is shadowing her Aunt Julia at her law office for a school report. Talking to Haddie reminds Julia of the civil rights reasons she got into law in the first place. Of course, as if Kristina didn’t feel like the worst mom ever last week with Max, now she feels bad because Haddie is impressed by Julia and not her.

Though Max is doing really well on his new system with Gaby, Adam is having a hard time with it. This is not helped when he sees Gaby out on the town, tying one on. He’s worn out by all of his family commitments and takes it out on Kristina. He makes it better by teaching Haddie about the work her mom used to do in the community.

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