parenthood0427 320 'Parenthood': Don't ask your uncle how to danceSydney, Girl Genius, is having a little problem telling the truth. She says her mom’s a liar, too, because she’s a lawyer, and Harmony’s mom says those two things are the same. Julia goes on the defensive about her chosen profession.

Drew (yay! Drew is back!) finds himself in the awkward position of having to socialize, and at a high school dance, no less. He unfortunately consults his Uncle Adam for dance lessons and there are some tragic gyrations, up to and including The Worm.

When Sarah asks Amber to work with her on a catering shift at Cal so that Amber can see the school, she’s surprised to find that she’s bartending at an event where good ol’ Jim the Barista is being honored for his poetry. He reads a very disturbing poem he wrote about, um, Sarah’s ladyparts.

Meanwhile, Jasmine and Crosby are — how should we say — working out their differences? Things are getting a little sweet between them, and they decide to go on a date. It’s cut short when Jabbar has some, well, intestinal issues, and his parents have to rally around him, literally. In the bathroom. With “poo songs.” It’s not sexy, okay, but it works, bringing them together like nothing else could.

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