jabbar parenthood 'Parenthood': Jabbar gets a familyKristina is so consumed by worry about Max and everything else that she has a hard time finding joy in her life. She has a meltdown on Max’s new behavioral therapist and reveals that she is even unable to enjoy sex. When Adam hears this, he worries that she has been faking her satisfaction with him.

Crosby gets the results of the paternity test confirming that he is Jabbar’s dad. Yay! This genetic connection gets Jabbar a spot in Joel’s playgroup where Crosby is a firsthand witness to Raquel’s flirting with Joel. When he reveals this to Julia, she confronts Joel about Raquel. He is forced to admit that Raquel hit on him months ago, even trying to kiss him. Julia insists that Raquel (and, thus, Harmony) be cut out of their lives. Later, watching the two girls together, she has a change of heart.  Also, Crosby gets up the nerve to tell his parents about his son. They are shocked, but happy and welcome Jabbar into the family with a Braverman bike ride.

Amber has a huge crush on her English teacher. Unfortch, so does her mom. Awkward. Even more awkward, the guy seems to reciprocate Sarah’s crush, and he reciprocates it suuuuper cutely and romantically. Sarah is so happy it makes her lose her mind and asks Crosby for advice. Naturally, he approves.

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