craig t nelson parenthood 'Parenthood': Parental misguidanceAdam’s family is having trouble adjusting to having Zeek around. Mostly because he’s an ass. His presence doesn’t help Haddie, who is still kind of moping around since her breakup. On Kristina’s suggestion, she has a slumber party, and invites Amber. Amber breaks down and confesses to her what happened with Steve.

Camille, however, is focusing her energy on making changes. She wants to focus on her art — converting her attic into an art studio — and especially on her art class teacher, Matthew, a swarthy dude who flirts with her in front of Sarah. Later, it goes farther than flirting. Camille goes home with him.

To help her parents, Julia enlists the help of an old flame, a money-manager named Timm (yes, Timmmmm). Joel struggles with this, especially since the guy is a scumbag. He wants to work on the problem himself, but Julia doesn’t think he can do it. Sarah breaks her promise to Camille and tells Adam about Zeek’s infidelity. In true Braverman style, he also promises not to tell anyone, but angrily confronts his dad.

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