max hank parenthood season 5 premiere 'Parenthood' premiere: Proposal, politics, baby Braverman and Hank and Max bond“Parenthood” came back for Season 5 with a strong offering that not only had the heart that we’ve come to expect from the show but also a lot of humor.

Crosby’s House

There’s a new Braverman when Crosby and Jasmine welcome their baby girl Aida into the world. They clearly were not quite ready for what was in store, as Crosby is kind of a baby and Jasmine is kind of a jerk. They’re both sleep-deprived and it is bringing out the worst in each of them, and it doesn’t help that the whirling dervish of Bravermans are not as helpful or thoughtful as they could be.

Jasmine and Crosby will find their rhythm, though, and we love, love, love that part of the storyline is worrying you don’t love the baby enough, but it’s coming from the dad and not the mom. That’s a nice reversal of a typical new parents storyline on a show.

Adam’s House

Kristina has decided that instead of working as Bob Little campaign manager, she wants to run for Mayor of Berkley. Adam is nervous — also, Adam is a sit-down-and-think-planner guy — but Kristina, with an assist from her cancer buddy, knows it’s time to just jump in with both feet because you could be dead tomorrow, basically.

Will NBC start selling Kristina for Mayor buttons? Because we would totally buy (and wear) one.

Sarah’s Building

Sarah is a super (a super lady, as it were) and she’s handling that in her very Sarah way. We suspect there will be some sparkage with sage-y Carl, but uh oh, Hank’s back in town too. We aren’t sure how we feel about another Sarah love triangle. It sure seems as though the show is headed that way, huh?

As far as Sarah’s offspring goes, Drew is loving college, but he doesn’t call his mom enough (or ever, texting doesn’t count). We also thought we were going to make it through a whole episode of this show without crying, until Ryan came home and proposed to Amber and the waterworks started.

Braverman wedding!

Julia’s house

Julia is looking to get back in the work force and that is proving hard after not only taking a year off, but also because of the way she left her old job. This storyline is sadly all too true for moms who go back and forth on staying at home or working and we’re interested to see where Julia lands.

Either way, their family will be fine because Joel just scored a huge construction project — with a very pretty boss. Hmm. We swear to god, show, if Joel cheats on Julia, we are out of here.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • It was kind of hilarious to hear both Crosby and Zeek marvel at how “white” Aida is.
  • Zeek also got the best line of the episode: “A ha! Headin’ on down to funkytown. Gotta keep that fire in the loins.”
  • Hank and Max are awesome together. Not only do the characters totally gel, but the actors are wonderful. They should have at least two scenes together every episode.

What did you think of the “Parenthood” premiere?

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