As spring begins, we get more and more anxious about our favorite “bubble” shows — AKA the shows that have yet to be renewed but aren’t doomed for cancellation. “Parenthood” is one of those NBC bubble shows that we just can’t bear to say goodbye to.

We definitely intend to tune into tonight’s Mar. 29 episode, for a whole bunch of reasons — but also because it guest stars Richard Dreyfuss as a writer who agrees to evaluate Sarah’s (Lauren Graham) work, which may not exactly flatter the rest of the Bravermans.

In Max (Max Berkholder) news — our favorite character! — a parent-teacher meeting reveals that Max is doing so well academically in his special-needs class that it may be time for Adam and Kristina to “mainstream” him.

Don’t miss this episode, or this show. It’s a charmer..

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie