We would really, really like to see Amber get to a better place with her dad on “Parenthood” — and it looks like they might just be on their way to doing that.

In this exclusive clip from Tuesday’s (Nov. 8) episode, “In-Between,” Amber (Mae Whitman) has offered to let Seth (John Corbett) stay at her apartment after he’s released from rehab. That leads to the scene in the video, which is profoundly awkward but still considerably warmer than a lot of the interactions we’ve seen them have in the past.

Whatever emotions they’re playing, though, Whitman and Corbett seem to draw good things out of one another, and the pain Amber has shown over her dad not being around has always felt very real. So watching her give him the benefit of the doubt for once, even tentatively, makes us only want to see their relationship develop more.

“Parenthood” airs at 10 p.m. ET Tuesday on NBC. What do you think of the scene? What are you hoping to see with Seth and Amber?

Posted by:Rick Porter