parenthood matt lauria mae whitman 'Parenthood' sneak peek: Matt Lauria's Ryan gives Zeek the brush offOn this week’s episode of “Parenthood,” one of our fave “Friday Night Lights” state champs Matt Lauria joined the series as a young veteran, Ryan, who connects with Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) over his struggle to fit back into day-to-day life after returning from Afghanistan. Since the last we saw of Lauria on “FNL” was his character enlisting, we thought this would be a nice little continuation of Luke Cafferty’s story… at least, in our imaginations.

Instead, we didn’t see Luke Cafferty at all — with subtle changes to his mannerisms and tone, Lauria quickly crafted a character who feels entirely new to us. Once again, “Parenthood” is at its best here, telling the story of one flawed, good-intentioned person without attempting to generalize it and make it a story about all veterans or a political commentary.

This week, we were touched by Ryan’s visible reaction when Zeek promised, “You’re not invisible to me.” Now, Zap2it has an exclusive first look at the way Ryan’s story continues in the upcoming episode — and it’s definitely unexpected. In the clip below, Ryan doesn’t mince words as he pushes Zeek away, desperate to start over with a clean slate and without the unfortunate stigma attached to those who have fought for our country.

Watch the first look video below, and be sure to tune in to “Parenthood” on Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST for more of Lauria and the rest of the gang.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie