erika christensen 'Parenthood': Sometimes a rubber band ball is just a rubber band ballSydney is obsessed with a ball made of rubber bands. It makes Julia afraid that her daughter might have Asperger’s. Kristina tries to reassure her, but has a moment of secret pleasure that there might be someone else in the family who will have similar struggles.

Julia and Joel end up in the same scary Dr. Pelikan meeting that Adam and Kristina once had, but this time the news is good — Sydney’s issues stem from her being gifted. Of course. After some reverse-Schadenfreude, Kristina and Adam recognize the gift that is their son.

Zeek drags Adam off on an overnight trip, saying he wants Adam to see a piece of real estate he is thinking of buying. The truth is revealed when they arrive at the empty strip mall that Zeek already owns. He wants Adam’s shoe company to buy it from him. Finally, Zeek admits that he’s in serious financial trouble, possibly in danger of losing his house, and hasn’t told Camille. Dudes, things are bad between Zeek and Camille.

Sarah catches Amber in the shower with the detested Damian. She’s devastated that Amber is making all the mistakes she made in her own life. Zeek awesomely runs the kid off, but he oozes back.

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